About Us

Divyang First Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and welfare of individuals with disabilities in India. Our foundation operates with a clear mission to empower and support the differently-abled community, ensuring they have equal opportunities, access to resources, and are treated with dignity and respect.

When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance. and I'm divinely blessed all the time

The Founder


Founder and President Divyang First Foundation

As the founder and President of Divyang First Foundation, I want to share with you the story behind why our organization exists. I am a mother of two wonderful children, one of whom is hearing impaired and the other who is living with cerebral palsy. These experiences have shaped me as a person and have given me a unique perspective on the challenges faced by people with disabilities.


I know firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate a world that is not always accommodating to those with different abilities. But I also know that with the right support, anything is possible. That is why I founded Divyang First Foundation – to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

As a mother, I know the power of unconditional love and the importance of never giving up. That is the same spirit that drives our foundation, and I am incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished so far



Co Founder & Vice President
(Divyang First Foundation)

Despite the obstacles he has faced, he fearlessly pushes boundaries, never shying away from taking bold steps to create positive change

A remarkable social entrepreneur and the Founder Member of Divyang First Foundation. Vidyit Dhingra’s inspiring journey serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing his unwavering determination and resilience in the face of challenges.

Born with a hearing impairment, Vidyit Dhingra never allowed his condition to hold him back. He pursued his education at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, where he nurtured his passion for making a positive impact on society. As a successful young Finance analyst and entrepreneur, Vidyit Dhingra’s achievements speak volumes about his dedication and hard work.

Driven by a deep-rooted desire to empower others and create a more inclusive society, Vidyit Dhingra founded the Divyang First Foundation. This organization strives to uplift and support individuals with disabilities, ensuring their access to equal opportunities and advocating for their rights, through the foundation.

Vidyit Dhingra is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing challenges similar to his own.


Our vision is of an India where disability is not a barrier to success or happiness. We envision a society where individuals with disabilities are fully integrated into all aspects of life, with equal access to education, employment, healthcare, and social opportunities.


Our mission at Divyang First Foundation is to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment for people with disabilities across India. We aim to break down barriers and stereotypes, creating a society where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute meaningfully.



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Through our work, we aim to provide resources and support to individuals with disabilities..